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This House is a Circus
Now that my Arctic Monkeys tour is over.

I lay here listening to the wind whistle outside my window, feeling the heat radiating from my laptop warming my cold legs while The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala plays softly on repeat. It fills my room with nostalgia, both bitter and sweet as I reflect on how much of a whirlwind these past three months have been, emotionally and physically. I have created so many great friendships, as well as, unfortunately, a ruined friendship. To think, it all started with a spontaneous trip to Texas to see Arctic Monkeys play in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Not in my wildest of dreams could I have imagined how much of an impact those three shows would leave on me, my mind, and my heart. They sparked a flame. A flame that could burn down cities. I am lucky, spoiled even. But the amount of gratitude I hold is enough to make my heart explode.

I have met the most incredible, generous, and kind hearted people around from going to these shows. Created Life long friendships and bonds so strong that they just cannot be broken. We’ve laughed together, sang together, cried together, screamed together, gotten drunk together. We are a traveling circus and every time we meet up it is like one big family reunion that no one wants to leave from. These people are what make Arctic Monkeys shows unique and unforgettable, because there is an unspoken understanding among Arctic Monkeys fans that with just one look, one conversation, I feel as though I have known these people my entire life.

I have infinite memories with these people, like being hung over on a shitty ass Spirit Flight from Las Vegas to San Diego with the entire Arctic Monkeys road crew literally sitting next to Anna and I. Or when I met Cat from Australia, we made margaritas after seeing Arctic Monkeys at the House Of Blues in Chicago and went on an adventure to find room 505 at the Marriott at four in the morning.  Or when Krystle, Cat, Nick, and I had a wonderful a cappella sing along to Black Treacle after the show at The Independent in San Francisco. The time when Krystle and Anna took me to the Pacific Ocean at 2 in the morning after Outside Lands Fest. It was freezing and we had our coats and sweatshirts layered on. We would wait for the waves to come to the shore and at the very last second we would run away so our shoes wouldn’t get wet, but of course they did. I also had my first In N Out experience that night. Giving Arctic Monkeys a star in Hollywood right outside of Capitol Records. But one of my favorites was on the drive from San Diego to Hollywood, the windows were down and the wind was in my hair, beautiful mountains to my right and the ocean on my left. We blasted Brick By Brick as soon as we hit the coast and I felt like I was in a dream.  

But we are all here for one particular reason, Arctic Monkeys. We all long for that hour and a half. Where your world and everything in it stops, you forget what day it is. What time it is and you loose yourself in the music, in the moment. That place where you can forget about any troubles that are plaguing you by screaming, singing, and dancing to your favorite Arctic Monkeys song. That place where you don’t have to hide, and you can just be. That place where you can wear your bruises proudly, and take home ringing ears, aching ribs, and perfect memories. Each show is its own monster. An experience that is strangely familiar and yet entirely unique. That is why no matter how many times I have seen them live, without fail, it always feels like the first time I saw them in 2007. Their music has gotten me through the worst of days as well as immensely enhancing the best of days. There is no doubt in my mind that my love for this band is something that cannot be touched, something people don’t quite understand and I am okay with that. Arctic Monkeys mean the world to me, and my love for them is rapidly increasing with each show I go to. Didn’t think that was possible.  

So now, October is nearing its end, and Arctic Monkeys have brought me to Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Hollywood, St.louis, and Brooklyn. For a total of fifteen unforgettable shows in three months. Oh how times have changed.

However, this is just the beginning. 

22 Oct — 39 notes
Love it or hate it, you’re wrong.
- Alex Turner introducing Brick By Brick tonight in Williamsburg.
19 Oct
2 hours of sleep.

Now it’s time to drive to St. Louis. 

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